Becoming an IB is one of the most desirable positions in the entire FX industry.
IB’s do not have the stress of trading, they do not have to deal with technical issues, trading systems, programming, or modifying trading strategies. In addition, there are no starting costs or ongoing expenses.
You have the potential to earn a significant income simply by introducing investors to our Managed Accounts. Our focus is on providing long-term
success for both our clients and our IB’s.

What is required from you?

The contract will be directly through Sensus Capital Markets, our regulated broker between JAD CAPITAL and the new introducing broker and he will get all the rights as an IB. All his documents and rebates and contracts will be with Sensus Capital Markets.


Jad Capital exclusive institutional caliber investment managers and professionals
Lucrative fee-sharing compensation packages
Web Site White Label
Take advantage of our established relationships with reputable broker firms
Offer your clients the most efficient structure to maximize the potential of their investment capital
Dedicated relationship management team
Robust online resource center: commissions credited daily, monitor client portfolio activity

For more information about our IB, Regional Partner or Strategy Provider partnerships, please contact us at:

Managed FX IB